Love You Like Christmas

December 1, 2019


A high-powered marketing professional from the big city ends up in small town America only to meet a widower with the cutest little girl ever! I know this movies plot is unique and totally different than all other Hallmark Christmas movies–no–all other Hallmark movies (yeah, right!), but it is packaged with enough charm to make it one of my favorites for this year! The lead actor was seemed refreshingly authentic and genuine. The plot didn’t make you think, just let you feel the heartwarming splendor that Hallmark Christmas should be.

While driving to Denver for a client’s wedding in an old Mustang…brakes! What? Driving from New York to Denver in the middle of winter in an old Mustang? That is literally insanity! Nobody does that! Ever! But, alas, Hallmark decides to make their main actress scared of flying, so the road trip begins. After being stuck in a traffic jam after a truck load of Christmas trees scatters the freeway, Maddie Duncan (Bonnie Somerville) ends up almost hitting a Caribou callously referred to as a reindeer. *hint, they are not the same, she runs her collector Mustang into a guardrail.

What happens next is so unpredictable. The body shop in Christmas Valley, Ohio, orders the wrong part, and delay after delay forces the city girl to spend much of the holidays there. Widower enter stage left!

I’m not going to ruin this for you! But when Maddie endures herself to the small town, and the small town to Maddie, fondness grows and romance begins to twinkle. Until…the boss demands her to go back to New York! And *spoiler alert* she goes! But, will she stay? I bet you can’t guess the ending!


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