A Biltmore Christmas (2023)

December 4, 2023

On the 0-Christmas scale I give it a "Christmas Magic and Timeless Treasures!"
--% Tomatometer
95% Audience Rating


This film is an instant classic! Hallmark’s highest IMDB rated film of 2023 and the 3rd highest behind two from the When Calls the Heart series! It simply did not disappoint! It was charming, magical, and original!

Starring the incredible Kristoffer Polaha as Jack Huston and the lovely Bethany Joy Lenz as Lucy Hardgrove, these leading actors put on a dynamic performance full of blossoming romance and electricity.

The plot is fantastic! Lucy, a movie writer, is remaking the classic, “His Merry Wife” (think The Bishop’s Wife). Originally filmed in 1947, His Merry Wife became a Christmas classic. However, she wants to change the ending which creates conflict with the studio head, who happens to be the grandson of the studio head back in ’47.

The studio head in current time sends Lucy to Biltmore to get her bearings and what ensues involves a delightful mystery involving an hourglass, time travel, and love!

As Lucy sets out on a quest to figure things out, and make some things right, she discovers Jack only has one year left to live, which he obviously doesn’t know. How will this knowledge impact their relationship? What is the moral thing to do?

This film conjures of the majesty of Christmas and emotions from all ranges, all set at the amazingly splendid Biltmore Estate…I’m not kidding, I might sell one or even two of my children to spend a Christmas there. It was simply stunning!

The cast is enjoyable, the pace is spot on, the actors do such a great job stereotyping performance art from the era, all of which combine to make this a simply delightful Christmas film!


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