A Heidelberg Holiday (2023)

December 6, 2023

Hallmark goes international once again with a trip to Heidelberg, Germany! This was a a enduring little show that put your brain in cruise control spiced up with a bit of mixed Christmas tradition. The user reviews have been pretty mixed with this one, so viewer beware. I felt like it was right in the middle. Just an ordinary Hallmark….

What? Did I just say ordinary? What I meant was ordinary rating, not ordinary plot. This plot is nothing near ordinary! You see, the leading lady, Heidi Heidelberg (yes, you read that right) goes to Heidelberg to sell hand painted ornaments. I’m sorry, this is such a weird reason to finally go to Germany and the city of your ancestors. Just go for a vacation, but simply to sell Christmas ornaments?

Enter a man. Enter ornament chaos. Enter love. Resolve ornament chaos. Recognize love. Roll credits.


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