A Holiday in Harlem (2021)

November 27, 2021

The claim that Hallmark simply regurgitates plots is in for a treat. Big city girl goes back to rural America to rekindle an old love flame this is NOT! No Ma’am, this flick goes straight to the big city and takes place in Harlem (actually filmed in Connecticut).

My problem with this movie is not the cast. It isn’t even the plot. It’s just that it feels really awkward to have Hallmark make a Christmas movie about the plight of inner city Harlem. The recipe that Hallmark uses is Granny’s old recipe. And with Granny’s old recipe, why mess with it? You don’t! Ever! Hallmark is trying to be something it’s not here…plain and simple. And it’s meatloaf you don’t want to eat….

The cast has some adorable moments, but the film editing was sub-par and distracting.

I’m just glad grandma, Mama Belle, hurt her Achilles tendon at the hands of the powerful executive, Jazmin. This required said Jazmin to stay in town to help throw the Christmas Jamboree. And who does she have to to work with? It just so happens *spoiler alert* that it is her old best friend Caleb.

Granny Mama Belle prods Jazmin on the feelings of the heart, and a battle with the head commences. Will Jazmin take the promotion as “Vice President of North America”? Or will she follow her heart and end up with Caleb?

Honestly, apart from the weirdness of Hallmark being in Harlem, this wasn’t the worst flick in the world…I just won’t watch it again.


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