A Merry Scottish Christmas (2023)

November 26, 2023

Aaaargh, the Scottish brogue is coming out in this one and the subtitle says it all….Royalty is Relative! Starring Hallmarks undisputed Queen of Hallmark (by default, Aunt Becky went to prison and Candace Cameron-Bure like owns her own network now), Lacey Chabert stars as Dr. Lindsay Morgan, one-half of the Morgan siblings. Her brother, Brad, a tax attorney, come to Glenncraig, a lovely Scottish estate to reunite with their estranged mother Jo. Only Jo is actually Lady Josephine, a Duchess and the owner of the Glenncraig estate! What? “No way,” you say! Well, cut some haggis and eat some shepherd’s pie, because this isn’t the only plot twist in this Hallmark bad boy. Layered with plot depth, this film also makes a big deal of how Lindsay and Brad are feeling friction in their sibling relationship because they hadn’t seen each other in two years. Yep! Two years! It is like the prodigal siblings return to Scotland. I mean, what family has ever been two years without seeing each other?

Continuing Hallmarks recent trend to film internationally, this film did actually take place in Scotland at the very real Duns Castle, which is very cool!

Not to be overlooked is the over-the-top almost embarrassing portrayal of Scottish small town life. Incessant bag pipes and dancing are a bit loud and overplay the plot a bit. But, hey, I’m no expert and have never been to Scotland, though I firmly believe in Nessie…it’s like the Scottish Sasquatch only it lives in a lake and doesn’t have fur (fact check, please?).

While the movie was fun and you could literally turn your brain off, it missed the mark. The storyline just wasn’t believable. Two Americans who find out they are Scottish nobles dealing with the uncertainty of Glenncraig’s future!!!!

Gasp! What will they do? Well, watch it and find out!


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