Catch Me If You Claus (2023)

December 1, 2023

Okay, this was one of the weirdest Hallmark’s I’ve ever seen and that is saying something. My wife and I started this thinking it had so much potential. But then, things just got weird.

Led by the perennial Hallmark actor Luke Macfarlane as Chris (yep, Santa) and the lovely Italia Ricci as Avery, this film goes off the rails about a half dozen times.

I’ve seen Luke McFarlane play a lawyer, a tutor, a stuffy businessman, and a tree farmer, but now all of a sudden he’s Santa Claus’ son.”

User review from IMDB, obviously a person who recognizes acting brilliance!

Avery, a journalist desperately trying to get her first anchor position and yearning to follow in the footsteps of her famous anchor mother is awoken with a start on Christmas Eve and after some nifty moves happens to knock out Santa! Santa, when he awakes is tied up with high tensile strength Christmas lights. What ensues is an attempt at comedy, but ends up being Santa looking like a complete neanderthal idiot.

That’s where the story line stops being a decent idea and diverges into a mysterious set of parallel plots that are so unnecessary. A concurrent plot of the “Santa Crooks”, an acting troop of misfits where people just hang out all Christmas Eve, corrupt politicians, and a Santa who is incompetent but trying really hard (kind of like ChappyPants, who has authored a few posts). What follows is love and lots of kissing, including the first time in a Hallmark that two actors make out in an old truck trying to disguise themselves as teenagers in search of recreation.

IMDB user reviews contain many 8/10, 9/10, and even 10/10s, but these people are intellectual peasants who naively do not understand the many layers of genius that happen with these types of film. Instead, they assume they can just put their brain in cruise control while folding laundry, napping on the sofa, or whatever else they feel like they have to do and still understand what is happening. Phrases like “This is hilarious”, “Santa’s a regular guy…”, and “Well done, Hallmark!” abound. Hogwash!

I stand with the user who said this was “Complete garbage”! It really was! It wasn’t even the actors fault! They did the best they could and have been great in other films. This was the writers and directors making the actors look like trash.

Skip this one folks! Or don’t! But don’t say I didn’t worn you.


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