Chateau Christmas (2020)

November 27, 2020

Hallmark is spending this Covid-19 Christmas by creating endless movies about musicians who have lost their passion for music only to find it again through love and Christmas trees.

Like A Christmas Bow this movie puts your heart and mind on cruise control. When it’s over you are left feeling pretty good, almost like that last dose of Fentanyl at the ER as you recover from shoulder reconstruction. Oh wait, that was me two nights ago.

Luke McMuffin, I mean Luke MacFarlane, stars in this film. His character, a professor vying for music department chair at the local institute of higher edumakation is out of place for him. Half the movie he is wearing the same taupe sweater. The other half he looks like a construction worker. But, he makes up for it with his horrendous fake cello playing.

All aside this Hallmark is predictable. Generally I have raving reviews. This one just isn’t inspiring me to do much of anything. It wasn’t bad at all. It just wasn’t memorable. Still worth a watch…just not a second one.


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