Checkin’ It Twice (2023)

December 8, 2023

On the 0-Christmas scale I give it a "Christmas Blades of Glory"
80% Flixster Audience Rating

This is in the running for a Hallmas Choice award, but I’m just not convinced yet. It was a good movie and worth the time. I’m just not sure if I am reticent because it is supposed to take place in Idaho Falls, Idaho of all places but it is so clearly not even close to looking like Idaho Falls that it is silly. It’s like calling saying that a movie is filmed in San Diego but really it was filmed in Western Washington. The biggest knock on this movie is that some Hallmark person seems like they were playing Pin the Tail on the Filming Location.

That behind me, this is a charming movie starring Kevin McGarry, a perennial Hallmark actor. He plays Scott, a 30s something hockey player still trying to make it to the big leagues and get out behind the skates of his hall of famer dad. The problem, Scott is playing with the Idaho Falls minor league team trying to get to the Boise hockey team and beyond that to the major leagues. So, the equivalent is him playing A or AA baseball and trying to make it to AAA and then to the bigs. And he is like 30 something.

Alas, as the movie begins with him walking through the airport with his hockey stick on full display (not a euphemism…this is a Hallmark). He then bumps Ashley, played by Kim Matula. Ashley is a corporate real estate agent from New York travelling from the big city to small town Idaho to visit family for Christmas. How awesome is that plot? It’s so refreshing that Hallmark, year after year, continue to surprise us with fresh plot lines and original screenplays.

Spoiler alert! Is it just coincidence that Scott is staying in Ashley’s guest house? Will fate bring the two together? I’m not going to spoil this for you…so don’t be lazy and go watch this one yourself to solve the mysteries of this Hallmark universe!



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