Christmas Clash 2023 – Hallmark vs Great American Family – FINAL RESULTS

December 27, 2023

This began in the middle of the season and what we found was incredibly interesting. Most of the movies went down in rating after the diehards rated them high and then realism sunk in. GAF got hit the hardest with these, especially their top film, Christmas in Maple Hills dropped a full point. Go ahead an read through. Updates are in italics.

In the epic battle between Hallmark and Great American Family, who will reign supreme for Christmas 2023. This is a cage match, a battle between holiday titans, and it couldn’t be closer.

Using available data from IMDB, we have analyzed all available holiday movies from each studio and are presenting the data pure, undiluted, and unbiased.

So, buckle up, this is exciting!

Hallmark definitely holds the edge with films made this season with 22 compared to Great American Family’s 14. This is not as weak of a showing for GAF considering they are new on the block.

Winner: Tie (Updated: Hallmark)

Hallmark currently has the highest rated Christmas movie for 2023, A Biltmore Christmas (starring my favorite Kristoffer Polaha) coming in at a stellar 8.2! Considering Top Gun: Maverick was rated 8.3 these two movies are essentially both blockbusters! Hold fast, GAF isn’t far behind with their film, Christmas in Maple Hills, holding strong at 8.1. This was quite the change over the season. A Biltmore Christmas held pretty stable ending at 7.9, while Christmas in Maple Hills dropped from 8.1 to 7.0, and our opinion is that it should have dropped more. We were not fans of this film.

Winner: Tie (Updated: Hallmark)

Hallmark’s minimum is in the 5s and they have four (Updated: 5) of them, while GAF has two films in the 4s, but none (Updated: 4) in the 5s. As a matter of percentages, Hallmark has nearly 20% (Updated: 16%) of their films in the 4-5 range, while GAF has 14% (Updated: 29% WOW!!!!), however both are in the 4s (Updated: two films in the 4s and four films in the 5s). Still, 4s are so low they cannot be forgiven.

Winner: Tie (Updated: Hallmark)

Things are about to get crazy! When you average the scores between the two studios, Hallmark comes out at 6.49! This isn’t surprising since most films are in the middle of the bell curve. However, and surprisingly, GAF comes in with a total butt whooping at 6.50! No joke folks! Literally, the two studios are 0.01 apart when averaged. This is incredible and shows that the two studios will remain competitive for years to come!

At the end of the season things began to shift a bit. Hallmark ended at a 6.4 average and GAF ended at 6.3. This isn’t a huge average difference, so we will probably still leave it with a tie.

Winner: Tie

This was not a setup! I promise. I sincerely anticipated the data to clearly show a winner, but alas, the season for good tidings and peace proves to bring just that! And we are all the beneficiary! And life couldn’t be better because of it!

Over the course of the season it became clear that GAF is still out of their league. They are up and coming contenders but do not have the clout to stand toe-to-toe in a Heavyweight bout with Hallmark. We see this two fold. First, the actors at the top of GAF are formidable but there is a huge drop off after you leave the top tier. Second, and this goes for both studios, the pendulum needs to find the balance between quantity and quality. The studios churned out so many movies that the quality suffered. Especially with Hallmark. Hallmark has fallen victim for the international filming locations at the detriment of really bad filming in the “United States”. Most Hallmarks are filmed in Canada, which is fine. However, they were shameless in having movies set in the desert but it continued to look like British Columbia. As a man born who grew up in the PNW this was offensive.

Next year I would expect Hallmark to be pushed further. Beyond GAF, there are other studios that continue to put out movies, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. Expect more pressure from these studios as well! Until then, Hallmark retains the title!


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