Christmas in Notting Hill

December 5, 2023

Lie back and close your eyes! Well, figurately, because you still have to read…So, envision this scenario. You are an American. Your sister is dating a British financial banker. We know he is British because of his teeth…dead giveaway. Also, his accent betrayed him. Let’s then pretend that the British boy toy had a brother who happened to be a very famous soccer, I mean football, I mean soccer player. Now, let’s throw in a family visit for Christmas to London, where said sister is meeting the boyfriend and his family for the first time. Now, for icing on the cake, let’s pretend that nobody happened to mention that the famous soccer player was part of the family! Plot twist! Let’s have the whole movie proceed with random people taking pictures and asking for autographs only to have the athlete play coy as if there was nothing to see there. Let’s wrap this up with the naive American believing that Londoners are just friendly.

Did you do that? Did you envision the story?

Okay, now on to the review! Georgia, the clever American name, meets Graham, like the cracker, while visiting her sister Lizzie in London who is dating Henry, Graham’s younger half-brother. Graham is a famous footballer who messed up his knee (don’t know how this is really pertinent) who is skittish about romance and afraid that retirement will somehow break a connection he has with his now deceased father.

Then, a necklace gets lost. Will it be found? Not going to spoil this one! Because the necklace isn’t the only thing that needs found. Yep, love needs found too! Boom! Spoiler alert!

And now, I waiting until the end to declare you should skip this weak film. The acting was stiff. One person referred to it as “wooden” which is kind of right on. Hallmark seems to have settled on filming internationally in order to make up for weak scripts and actors. What could have been good ended up with a few Hallmark tropes and failed expectations.

And if the title didn’t alert you, it has shadows of the romcom Notting Hill, only genders are flipped, and it’s not nearly as good!


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