Christmas Scavenger Hunt (2019)

November 10, 2019


Hallmark doesn’t wait until after Thanksgiving, which means, we don’t either. And we won’t apologize.

Magical. Scavengerical, and totally Incredicle. Romance shrouded in mystery. That’s the thing about Hallmark. Just enough plot twists, misdirections, and rising action to keep you on the edge of your seat. But not enough to keep you from going to the bathroom.

This 2019 release, starring Tom Arnold in a supporting role, bucked the typical plot of a girl down on her luck who ends of going back home and running into her former love. Miscommunication tore the little love birds apart, and high life in the city clouded her vision and she ended up with a total ZERO (I’d say douche, but that wouldn’t be appropriate in this post).

Fate and possibly sorcery match the former flames for the town Chrimbus scavenger hunt. Daring mission after daring mission, all filled with plenty of dialog, coffee breaks, and even a trip to the diner to replenish much needed nutrients keeps this flick full of excitement.

Like an intense interval workout wrapped up in Christmas packaging the audience could struggle with the many back and forths, unless they are alive, and then they should have limited problems following the two hours of flirtatious anticipation.

Just when you think your brain is on max compute, two other love stories are woven into this delicate tapestry.

Would she leave her incredibly dorky and insensitive loser boyfriend from the city? Would love’s flame be rekindled with her ex-boyfriend who happens to be incredibly thoughtful, charming, and attractive (my wife’s words, not mine, although it’s hard to disagree)?

After scavenging for a good flick we went with the premier and weren’t disappointed.


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