It’s Christmas, Carol! (2012)

October 21, 2019

This Hallmark spin on the classic Chuck Dickens, A Christmas Carol was generously awarded 5.9/10 on trusty IMDB. This is a bold faced lie!

To me, it was barely tolerable. My wife was too tired at the conclusion and went to bed just nodding.

Starring the late Carrie Fisher, who should never star in anything (except Ep. IV, V, VI), this was about as bad as her acting. It was really, really bad.

An over grumpy publishing house president makes life hell for her employees. A real life stooge Scrooge she is cutthroat, makes employers work on Chrimbus 🤭 and is as miserable as the acting in this movie.

With so many adaptations of the original, viewers should skip the low budget and watch literally any other version. Either that version will be so bad it’s good or so good because it’s not this bad.

Entirely forgettable with cringe worthy bad acting. Skip it and opt for a different title.

My 11-year old, JT said he loved it.


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