Great American Family

Journey to Christmas (2023)

December 6, 2023

On the 0-Christmas scale I give it a "Lloyd Christmas"

There are many questions asked by characters in film. Some are good. Some forgettable. Some are so memorable that they will never be forgotten. Questions like, “Kevin! What did you do to my room?” Or, from the Joker, “Why so serious?” And no human conscious could ever forget Maximus in the arena yelling, “Are You Not Entertained?”

However, one question rises above them all. With a directness that cuts the very fabric of the space time continuum, this line has started wars, finished wars, toppled dynasties. Seriously, I beg of you to find me a line that has been more discussed, more studied, or more scrutinized than the this one. It is hands-down the poignant question ever uttered in cinematic history. This question, which is actually two, was pronounced by Lloyd Virgil Christmas, “Why you going to the airport? Flying Somewhere?”

This film is from Great American Family. If you are interested, you should check out this comparison post about Christmas Clash 2023 between title holder Hallmark and underdog Great American Family. Why are they a competitor? As one IMDB reviewer put it:

What I like best about Great American Family films is that they are not trying to socially manipulate their viewers like Hallmark does. 

Dilusional IMDB reviewer

Journey to Christmas features Joey Heyworth playing Jack Swanson (IMDB has is missing his character, which is hilarious), daring entrepreneur at Swan Limousines. His task, take big shot model and social media influencer Cali Caldwell from New York City all the way to Los Angeles before Christmas Eve.

Why not fly? I missed that part if they gave the reason…

Anyway, stereotypical stuffed up and douchey manager, Max (say his name out loud as you envision him…now say it again!) is ultra moody and against Cali’s charity stops she wants to make along the way.

And then, oh no, bad weather hits leaving the two blossoming friends stranded at Jack’s family cabin outside Chicago, where they are forced to ride out the storm!!!! How is MAAAAAX going to like it when they aren’t in LA as fast as he wants? And what will happen if Jack’s old flame reinters the picture.

Spoiler Alert: What happens when Cali overhears Jack talking about his ex-fiancé in a way that seems super positive and then she walks away sad and at that very moment Jack begins disclosing that he really likes Cali? This has NEVER happened before in the history of Christmas cinema….

I’m going to end there and see if you can guess the ending. I will give you a few hints:

1) Cali is forced by her manager to fly to LA.

2) Jack’s family encourages him to chase down the leading lady and grab hold of his love dreams.

I’m not going to spoil the ending!!!

What I will say, is that what Great American Family has done this Christmas, only three years into this competition, has been impressive. However, while they did steal some big names from Hallmark, the rest of the actors are less than stellar and this film is victim to that.  


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