Let it Snow (2013)

November 27, 2023

Written by ChappyPants
On the 0-Beats the Tropes, I get a "Scrooge"

I suppose I should give you a spoiler alert, but you already know the plot because it’s the same every time: big city girl goes to a small-town or isolated location where the hunky, brawny more simple man in flannel lives. She’s on a mission to destroy something in the town in the name of big business. She’s not excited about the plan but wants to make a big impression on her boss so she can get the promotion and wealth beyond all imagination. She, of course, is going to be making this trip right at Christmas time. And she’s fine with that. After all, she has no Christmas Spirit. She meets the hunky man and, despite what everyone watching can see, doesn’t seem to think he’s good-looking; only annoying and full of the Christmas spirit. She also feels his view on life is so myopic: a simple simpleton who thinks only about Christmas and helping others. BLECH. Of course, in reality, by the end, she realizes her view has been myopic and this man is so charming and she throws caution to the wind, as well as throws her away career. Nice.

Look, I’m just a guest writer. When I was asked by the creator of Hallmas.com, to contribute a review for the site, I thought it was a weird ask. Even though I like the site itself because of its uniqueness, historically, I have loved Hallmark movies about as much as a bad case of anal fissures. But if I was going to do it, I was going to find a Hallmark movie that didn’t have the predictable tropes mentioned above.

I host a podcast called Good Take, Bad Take (shameless plug), where my cohost and I break down lists that others have crafted. We discuss, dissect, and, in the end, decide whether, overall, the list or ranking was a good take or bad take. Hence the name.

So, what was the first thing I did? I looked up a list ranking all Hallmark Christmas movies. I probably will use this list as fodder for a future podcast episode.

Let It Snow came back as the second best one on the list. The only reason I didn’t choose to watch No. 1 was because it wasn’t available on the Hallmark movies website. Yes, in order to do this, I had to subscribe to the site. Yes, I took them up on their seven-day free trial.

Yes, I forgot to unsubscribe.

Like a lump of coal, I had to pay the next month. Do the people really love them that much to pay for this? I have since rectified the situation. I kept the cancellation confirmation email, just in case.

So, here’s the skinny…

Let It Snow is from 2013 and features Candace Cameron Bure. Of course it does. Now, even I know she’s the queen of Hallmark Christmas movies the same way Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan are the queens of rom-com (or would it actually be Nora Ephron?).

See if any of this differs from the expected [OK, now, for real, spoiler alert time]:

Bure plays Stephanie, an executive with no Christmas spirit, sent by her dad (and boss) to figure out a plan for a lodge their company has purchased. It’s a family-owned lodge with traditions and relationships that date back multiple generations. The Lewis family is naïve because they’re slow country-folk, of course, and they believe people are inherently good and that this new behemoth company is going to respect the traditions and not make any drastic changes. From the onset, the viewer is made aware that father-daughter plan on turning the cozy, very rustic lodge into a high-priced ski resort for high-brow people. Stephanie is supposed to spend the week before Christmas with the family, figure out how to make this happen.

Things start off rocky with the family’s son Brady (Jess Hutch), but soon, falls for him.

BUT WAIT… is there a little wrinkle in the predictable plan? As it turns out, Brady hasn’t wanted to take over the family business. But that’s as wrinkly as it gets because, after all, he still has the Christmas spirit. He just needed to be reminded why the lodge is the best way for him to get that.

So, alas, the movie is exactly what we figured it would be.

As it turns out, reading back through my review, this may have just been a work of meta-fiction and in reality, my life is represented in the review: I may very well be the curmudgeonly work-only girl from the big city who changes tone after having a sudden enlightenment and outburst of Christmas spirit.

But… that would have required the movie to be anything other than the stereotype. At least I already canceled the website subscription. Fool me once… there’s no way I’m once again getting tricked into a seven-day trial.

Or be asked to write another review.



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