Lights, Camera, Christmas! (2022)

November 30, 2023

Written by ChappyPants

Remember that scene at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! when the grinch has his heart grow three sizes that day, and then, just like that, the antagonist becomes the protagonist?

I thought, after my stellar review of Let It Snow, that all Hallmark movies totally sucked. But then I watched Lights, Camera, Christmas! and discovered that as soon as you think they suck, they end up sucking you back. It just requires a little humility and a festive heart.

What more, like a forgiving Who from Whoville, I was invited by the creators of this fabulous site to once again submit a review.

I can neither confirm nor deny that my yuletide heart grew three sizes that day.

A veritable mise en abyme, Lights, Camera, Christmas! begins in a movie studio with a movie being made. Yes, a movie within a movie. Not only that, it’s a Christmas movie being made within the Christmas movie.

It’s a holiday rom-com being shot in a small Dickensian-type town. Hunky Brad Baxter (John Brotherton) is a star but nothing is going to happen when the costume designer doesn’t show up. With things in a pinch, the director heads into a boutique clothing shop where Kerry Devine (Kimberly Sustad) and her mom Nancy (Laura Soltis) are barely making it financially. They may end up having to close it down, in fact. But, as it turns out, Kerry designs her own clothes and when the movie stars find out, she is pressured into being the costume designer for the movie. It is a chance to help her save the store. I thought Soltis did a great job, by the way.

One thing leads to another and you probably can guess where all this goes. As both Brad and Kerry reconcile the life they thought wasn’t plausible with their hopes of the possible, the affection, admiration, and then love blossoms between the two.

Here’s the thing: I can’t stand Kerry. She’s pouty, immature, and, in my mind, a turn-off. But aside from the fact that she’s a like a middle-school girl scorn by her crush, the movie itself was a delightful Nativity flick that was well written. It brought a smile back to my face and hope back to my life.



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