Never Been Chris’d (2023)

December 11, 2023

On the 0-Christmas scale I give it a "90s Romcom Recollections"

Most often I rate films LOWER than the IMDB rating. However, in this case, I disagree with the 5.5/10 currently on IMDB. Ratings like this also only matter if you compare them to something else. For example, 0 out of 10 has no context. Two films can be rated the same, but only when they are compared to each other do you get context. How would you rate Film A compared to Film B? Get it?!?! Well, I’ve seen my fair share of holiday movies to have the comparative context and this is simply rated too low!

So, I ask myself, “Why was it rated so low?” Well, it appears that fans actually wanted a love triangle between the two female leads and Chris, the hunky high school crush. Or, they wanted the people who fall in love to be different…or, they were expecting a traditional Hallmark and got something different.

Putting that aside, let me proceed with my review and you can decide if it’s worth the watch.

The Queens of Hallmark are Dead! I said it! Only Lacey Chabert is still here and she was never the top of the mountain. What has replaced them are a set of male leads that are smooth and carry the films. One of them is the believable and authentic Tyler Hynes (Three Wise Men and a Baby and a bunch of other Hallmarks) who plays high school boy crush Chris Silver. The female leads Liz and Naomi are lifelong best friends, both of which had mad crushes on Chris.

Chris, foregoes ambition to become a public school educator and general utopian perfect guy. And, after the three run into each other in their small hometown at Christmas….what follows is apparently a bunch of kids from their class who never left home and happen to be there for Christmas. What also follows is a sort of throw a bunch of plot lines in a hat and see what you can pull out and mix together. What also happens is friction between characters and a throwback to the past.

It really reminded me of those old 90s teen movies we used to watch? You know, the She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc., only with adults.

As I write this, I’m feeling pretty self-conscious about the defense I gave it at the beginning. Maybe it is simply the comedic elements. Or maybe it was because I watched it on a Saturday. Quite franklin, I’m having a hard time explaining why I thought it should be rated higher. Oh yeah, it was the context part. Compared to other films rated higher I simply thought this one was better. Or at least the same. It is worth the watch. It is fun, not too serious, and meanders like a roller coaster, but that’s okay….right?

This one will be polarizing! I’d love to hear your comments!


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