Northern Lights Christmas (2018)

October 27, 2019

Will the pilot from Seattle forego all to settle down at her inherited Alaskan ranch, complete with Reindeer!

This question is a classic Hallmark cliffhanger sure to leave you guessing at what would occur when a grumpy yet handy motorcyclist happens to be available to help fix the ranch prior to a sale.

Will they sell? Or overcome and live happily ever after?

Priorities shift as Zoe and Alec plan a town Chrimbus festival together. This magical quest was foreshadowed by two lonely reindeer reuniting on the town airstrip. But why an airstrip? Is it because the reindeer can fly? Some questions remain unanswered. The movie left no question about the underlying power of the Christmas spirit when matched with amazing graphics that proudly display effects that mix Ghostbusters with O-roar-uh Bore-ee-al-is.

This little flick turned the tide on the classic Hallmark plot simply due to the mysterious deaths of Zoë’s grandparents. Mysterious because they owned reindeer. Mysterious because they gave the ranch to their pseudo granddaughter. But there is no mystery with the quality of this Hallmark gem.


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