Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

November 11, 2020

This Netflix 2020 premier is underrated and undersold. Don’t take the IMDB rating too seriously.

When an ambitious staffer to a crotchety congresswoman is ordered to give a full body cavity search to the military base on Guam in efforts to force its closure, ambitions collide.

A hot shot pilot with a heart for Christmas defends the activities of the base and goes toe-to-toe with Erica, the DC aid hoping to become chief-of-staff. Andrew, the pilot, takes his assignment to show Erica the base to heart, and between surfing and snorkeling, starts to win her over.

That is, until events occur that threaten the very premise of the movie. Everything you believe, know, or come to expect from a Hallmark movie is front and center. Alas, this is not a Hallmark, but a Netflix original, as the studio seeks to break into the Christmas market with another quality flick.

Operation Christmas Drop is based on real events that happen every year. The longest running Department of Defense humanitarian airlift operation, OCD started in 1952 when an Air Force crew saw some islanders waiving at them from a little remote island. The crew dropped some gifts and supplies using parachutes.

Today, OCD involves more than 50 islands. In 2019, the Air Force delivered 176 bundles of school supplies, rice, clothing, fishing supplies including nets, toys to more than 20,000 natives. They did so in cooperation with Australia and Japan.

For a good summary, check out this page!


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