Switched for Christmas (2017)

December 1, 2019

Two sisters, who happen to be twins. Two lives apart. Two gentlemen who are invisible to two twin sisters. Until….the twins decide to switch lives. Yep, who coulda thunk this was coming?

The compassionate single mother of two–interestingly enough, Candace Cameron-Bure’s daughter in real life plays her daughter in the movie, which is actually super weird!–switches roles with her workaholic single twin sister, because each think they can excel at each other’s life. The plot thickens when the two men casually flirting with the women create a spark with the impostor sister. Yeah, I know, this is getting complex!

But when this happens, and that happens, and this and that happens at the same time, how would they recover? Would they get caught? This isn’t rocket science people! My guess is you could have guessed the plot in your sleep, but that doesn’t eliminate the feel good Christmas film this was. Cameron-Bure can pull of movies that others simply can’t.

Her versatility as an actress is under appreciated. She can play a twin. She can play a woman looking for love! She can play a person hoping to save an inn at Christmas time! She can play a overachieving businesswoman! Just in 2019 alone she has starred in Fuller House, a Christmas movie, and continues her groundbreaking role as Aurora Teagarden (starring on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries). Who the hell knows why she hasn’t gotten an Oscar?

Overall this was a “cute” show, albeit incredibly predictable. Still, it’s worth a nod.


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