The Christmas Bow (2020)

November 25, 2020

Once there were three Hallmark Queens. Now there are two (RIP Laurie Loughlin). And while we generally focus on the leading ladies of Hallmark, recently there have been some familiar faces on the men’s side of the equation.

Starring Michael Rady (Christmas at Pemberley Manor) as Patrick, the thoughtful and altruistic physical therapist who does more than heal the injured hand of a violin virtuoso. He also heals….hearts!

When Kate (Lucia Micarelli) has a freak, unbelievable accident that dashes her chances of playing in the Denver philharmonic orchestra, lives are ruined, dreams dashed, and will to live destroyed. But, when Patrick meats Kate, things begin to change.

Can love heal bones or do they simply have to heal on their own? This question and more leaves you with a feeling of wonder as you internalize the Holiday Spirit. Or, is the Holiday Spirit externalizing you?

“Aaah,” you say! Close your lips mouth-breather! This is serious stuff and when Kate begins to sing like an old church choir grandma, Christmas begins to heal fractures. And this, while every actor and actresses have weird prolonged shots of smiling. Like all the time.

I’ll give it to the lead actress. She is a great violinist and just got into acting. Maybe since I’m a real badass I can act in a Hallmark too? It would be my dream come true. I also can be spied upon by my romantic interest as I’m approached by my ex who tries to force a lip lock on me. You know the story….

This one is definitely worth a watch, but only on that night when you are feeling nostalgic about family and future.


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