The Christmas Ring (2020)

November 21, 2020

There once was love. And then there wasn’t….But then there was, and then more was found, unfound, and found again.

This love/lost-love switch-em-up is a heart warming tale of mystery and romance. When Kenda, an aspiring journalist stuck at a gossip site doing lists of Top 10 things, or “Which Reindeer Are You?” finds a ring with a mysterious engraving she makes it her Christmas mission to find its history and return it to its owner. Like Gollum by in reverse.

When Kendra arrives at yet another charming small town decked to the gills with all things Chrimbus, she soon finds more than she bargains for…a bittered love-scorned bachelor.

This Hallmark, unlike any other, is about unsuspecting love, and just when Kendra and David the Architect fall in love things turn for the worse. Only this time it isn’t Kendra’s fault. It’s the fault of her over-reaching and overeager journalist clickbait boss who changes Kendra’s story and ruins love.

This movie is charming and worth the watch. I’m surprised it isn’t rated a little bit better. The choice of actors/actresses was suspect, but the plot was original and full of intrigue and mystery. After all, who doesn’t want to spend 1.5 hours trying to track down a depression era ring with an engraving???

Merry Christmas My Precious!


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