The Mistletoe Secret (2019)

November 11, 2019

The magic of the mistletoe and true love helped us overcome the veil that was cast upon our eyes by Kelly Pickler’s accent and the outrageous lie of the film’s setting.

The story is “based” in our local Midway Utah. However the first aerial shot betrayed its location (British Columbia). Any self respecting Utahn would recognize an imposter location and this was a lie. It immediately made me reduce the rating by at least .125.

As we discussed the movie several words were thrown out: creative, great story, Harry Potter, Hallmark raised their game.

The plot: A ghostwriter reluctantly goes on assignment to small town America during the holiday season. Immediately he is smitten by a southern pie baker/diner owner/Christmas council President/interior Christmas designer. Chaos ensues when when the TV personality thriving off the ghostwriters talents threatens the budding romance.

Like a shepherd, hallmark leads us willing sheep through this magical tale wrought with danger, where characters traverse the perils of mistletoe and mistakes. The two hours of the journey are well spent and we were left appreciating Hallmarks 2019 lineup. They have stepped up their game. And while this fell short of Christmas Scavenger Hunt it was still a refreshing tale of holiday cheer!


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