Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022)

Rating: On the 0-Christmas scale this gets “Chuckles and Sugarplums!
IMDB rated it 7.8/10

The storyline is original. Three men of differing talents are called upon to watch a baby left to them by an unknown stranger. The creative genius in this should not be understated!

This is one of Hallmark’s highest rated shows at 7.8/10 and it deserves it! Its comedic timing is spot on, its actors are great, and the pace is good.

Starring two Hallmark well-known actors in Tyler Hynes (Always Amore, My Christmas Family Tree, On the 12th Date of Christmas) and Andrew Walker (A Maple Valley Christmas, Merry & Bright) this film is…quirky.

Walker’s character Luke is a local firefighter. At the station one evening he mysteriously finds a baby with a note, imploring him to take care of the baby. His brothers Stephen (Paul Campbell) and Taylor (Tyler Hynes) are each loveable and inept. Stephen is an anxious pet therapist with a phobia of public speaking and Tayler is a recently fired video game developer who is nothing short of a condescending jerk.

Spoiler Alert….they all live in their mom’s basement!

And now, they must all take care of this infant left to them.

A heartwarming tale of survival, this movie is loaded with character development, twists and turns, a horrendous nativity reenactment, and the most adorable baby!

Easily our favorite film this holiday season, Hallmark brought the goods with this one and hit a home run! A must watch this year and for years to come!