Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022)

December 14, 2022


Update: Introducing children to the magic of Hallmark is a proud and sentimental moment. So, after some of them showed interest, my wife & I decided this was the one to start them on! And, it was even more funny the second time. This is truly one of the greatest Hallmark holiday movies ever. Definitely Top 10!

The storyline is original. Three men of differing talents are called upon to watch a baby left to them by an unknown stranger. The creative genius in this should not be understated!

This is one of Hallmark’s highest rated shows at 7.8/10 and it deserves it! Its comedic timing is spot on, its actors are great, and the pace is good.

Starring two Hallmark well-known actors in Tyler Hynes (Always Amore, My Christmas Family Tree, On the 12th Date of Christmas) and Andrew Walker (A Maple Valley Christmas, Merry & Bright) this film is…quirky.

Walker’s character Luke is a local firefighter. At the station one evening he mysteriously finds a baby with a note, imploring him to take care of the baby. His brothers Stephen (Paul Campbell) and Taylor (Tyler Hynes) are each loveable and inept. Stephen is an anxious pet therapist with a phobia of public speaking and Tayler is a recently fired video game developer who is nothing short of a condescending jerk.

Spoiler Alert….they all live in their mom’s basement!

And now, they must all take care of this infant left to them.

A heartwarming tale of survival, this movie is loaded with character development, twists and turns, a horrendous nativity reenactment, and the most adorable baby!

Easily our favorite film this holiday season, Hallmark brought the goods with this one and hit a home run! A must watch this year and for years to come!


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