Twas the Night Before Christmas (2022)

December 1, 2022

This film had so much potential and a great plot but in the end it was just…so…disappointing.

A former actress, get this, goes back to her small town and heads up the town’s annual Christmas Eve play. I know, super original already. But where things go up a level is that the play is a courtroom production debating who actually authored the poem “A Visit from St. Nick”.

This is such a cool concept and the actors were actually really good. Essentially, the spirits of Major Henry Livingston, Jr. (played by Richard Waugh) and Clement Clarke Moore (played by Shaun Austin-Olsen) come back to the court room to argue their cases. They are really good and play their characters admirably. But, there isn’t enough of them. They should have been the centerpiece, not the kind of afterthought they ended up as.

Let by Torrey DeVitto playing main character Madison (she looks so much like Mandy Moore to me), the story unfolds with surprising stage twists, turns, and of course, rekindled romance. It will leave a smile on your face and also a puzzled look at the same time. Only because the build up led to a let down at the end. But it was fresh, and original, and sucked you in. Mixed emotions? Yeah, totally. But, still worth a see!


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